Term of use

Term of use



This site was offline for royal and true, we would be allowed to set up the rules as follows:

1. Images: The website will censor all images posted on member profile, members can view their pictures immediately after posting, but others can not see if the pictures are not censored. The picture below will not be accepted:

a. Naked pictures (No shirt or pants) .

b. Character image is sexually or provoke violence (of tongue, hand signs, invasions mark on hand, on his . . .) .

c. Image ad or website name or email address .

d. Figure fruits, plants, cars, houses, utensils, gold and silver (Generally is not your image). Figure a political character, or support parties, religious .

e. Figure children or persons under 18 years old .

Please only post pictures of you find your purpose .

2. Profiles: The website will censor all new documents published or revised and rewritten .

Site only accept application for up to find your purpose Tetragonal. Please do not joking, swearing, or saying to use this service to advertise private businesses .

Please do not post email address or phone number on your profile .

We would refuse no records to find your purpose or not proper records rules .

Sovereignty site please keep the records, photos, scripts have been posted for this site .

3. Email: Do not type your phone number, email address in email content .
All your email contents must be under the supervision of website .

This is family oriented community website .
We reserve the right to remove postings that defame or insult anyone. Our staffs will review and approve profiles and photos posted on this site within 24 hours .